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Self Healing a Revolutionary idea!

Dr. Andrew TimbsPurity Chiropractic – Peregian Springs

A fellow chiropractor friend of mine just attended a 90-minute event with thousands and thousands of people on the topic of….get this: Self-healing!

The speaker was Deepak Chopra. It was a stand-alone event to promote his book. Tickets ranged from $40-$150/seat and the place was packed. They even had to delay the start by 15 minutes because so many were still waiting to get in. And we don’t think people want to hear about natural self-healing options. Think again! And he made it clear that it’s the only option to healing whether one acknowledges it or not. Accordingly to many experts, self-healing is where a revolution in healthcare is happening!

This is so funny as it’s what chiropractic has been shouting for over 120 years!!! Self-healing is what people are shouting for they just don’t know its chiropractic!!