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It’s normal for doctors to know everything about you so we can provide the best quality care possible, but I want to make sure it goes both ways. I want to let you know who I am, so you can feel completely comfortable with me.

My name is Dr. Andrew Timbs, I was born and grew up in Adelaide. I have five kids, two girls aged 17 and 9 and three boys aged 6, 4 and 2, and an amazing partner Sonia.

I am a second generation chiropractor and my father is still practicing after 43 years. He is one of my greatest mentors and he was also one of the founders of Wellness Chiropractic, which was the largest group of chiropractic practices in Australia.

After high school I went to the United States on a golf scholarship. I always wanted to get my chiropractic degree, so I was completing my pre-chiropractic  studies while playing college golf.

I returned to Macquarie University in Sydney to complete my chiropractic degree. I then returned to Adelaide to practice. After working in other practices for a year, I went into the family practice and I owned it from 2009 to 2016.

I have always been very passionate about golf and I went on to do post-graduate studies and have become a certified Titleist Performance Institute medical and fitness professional in Australia.

We moved the family up to the Sunshine Coast at the start of 2016 and I worked for a great friend of mine up in Gympie. We purchased a house in Peregian Springs at the end of 2016 and it was a perfect fit to purchase this practice in Peregian Beach. We love the area and the community. Our oldest boy is in Prep at St. Andrew’s and the rest will be following!

I hope this gives you just a little information about who I am and I look forward to meeting you too.


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We are committed to providing a health experience like no other. The first visit is focused on you and to make sure you are in the right place to get the care that you need. At Purity Chiropractic we focus on upper cervical care, before attending our office it is important that you understand upper cervical care, chiropractic and the subluxation. Please go through those sections on the website before making the decision to attend Purity.

On your first visit we go through a full health history, postural analysis and highly specialised nervous system scans and test. If x-rays are required we will refer you to … were Dr. Andrew has trained them to be able to take the specialised upper cervical x-ray that allow us to see exactly what is happening in your upper neck. Not to see is to guess and to see is to know. We do not guess with your health. Due to this fact we do not adjust on the first visit. We require adequate time to go through all your findings and x-rays to put your case together and to create a specialised plan for the correction of your subluxation. 

The second visit at Purity is the report visit where we go through all your findings. We do this visit in a group setting. The groups are kept small to a maximum of 6 people. Don’t let this put you off as no personal information is talked about in the group. We will give you your personal recommendations one on one. We do it in a group because if Dr. Andrew spent 30 minutes explained the critical health information for everyone individually than this would take up most the week and leave no time to take care of you.

This is one of the most important visits in the office not only because we find out what is going on with yourself but we also unlock the truths about health and healing. This is a very powerful visit and it is highly encouraged that you bring someone with you. We have to supply you with a lot of information so it is great to have another mind to absorb as much as possible.

On this visit we will give you all your personal recommendation and financial investment options. Don’t feel overwhelmed about having to make all you visit and financial decisions on this visit. You can take all the information home and work out what will be the best options for yourself and on your third visit we can set up the visit schedule and investment plan that works for you. 

You may be wondering why these visits are called check up’s not adjustments. It is critically important that you understand what you are paying me for. You are paying for my highly skilled expertise in assessing you to see if you have subluxations and wether or not they need to be adjusted. There will be the occasional visit that we assess you and you do not need an adjustment at that time. This is a great thing to happen because it means your starting to hold your adjustments better. It does not mean necessarily your subluxation have been corrected but that your body is still processing the last adjustment and no extra input is needed. You should be wanting us to find nothing to adjust as that is the goal to be subluxation free.

When you come in for your check up we will perform the thermal scanner on your cervical spine. This will allow us to see if you are stuck in your patten or if you are functioning well. You will than lie down on the table and Dr. Andrew will perform some chiropractic analysis tests. If you need adjusting Dr. Andrew will perform the adjustment. Once the adjustment has been performed it is very important that you stay lying in the same position for 5 minutes. This allows your body to process the adjustment and also aid in your bodies ability to hold that adjustment.

After 5 minutes we will perform the thermal scanner again to make sure you are out of patten and your body is healing and regulating properly. 


 To have a subluxation free community enabling everyone to strive for greatness and tap into their unlimited potential.

We inspire our community to have a positive vision for the future.

We share the purity of chiropractic & it’s principles.

We transform peoples understanding of a healthy growth mindset not one of disease prevention & fear.

We tirelessly work on our art, science and philosophy of chiropractic.

We create an amazing & contagious healing atmosphere.

We deliver a highly specialised service and achieve the greatest results possible.

We unconditionally LOVE & care for everyone in our community & will go above and beyond so they can realise their potential.

We will tenaciously inspire, do talks, market, advertise, sponsor and ask you to share our mission until every man, woman and child in our community has been checked for vertebral subluxation.

We are the destination for TRUE health information


We provide highly specialised upper cervical care to the community. Upper Cervical Care is a very specialised technique in chiropractic. It requires significant post graduate studies. Upper Cervical Care focuses primarily on the top 2 bones of the neck the C1 (Atlas) and the C2 (Axis). These two bones look and function completely differently to the rest of the spine. There are several reasons for why this area is so critical but the most important is the fact that your brain stem comes down to your C2 (see pic above). Your brain stem is the super coordinator of your ENTIRE nervous system. The greater the precision in examining, testing and adjusting the subluxations in this area great impact and results you will have on the whole body. 

As a chiropractor we analyse and asses for vertebral subluxations and adjust when necessary. A vertebral subluxation is a vertebra of the spine that has misaligned and is not functioning properly putting a negative impacting on the nervous system (NS). As you can see in the specialised upper cervical x-ray about the occiput (joint on the skull) and the atlas (first neck bone) are not lining up as they should.

Most people run their life on how they feel to determine their health. Is this really an accurate way to determine health? NO.

Can you have heart disease and feel great? YES.

Can you have caner and feel brilliant? YES.

So health is not about how we feel its about how well we are FUNCTIONING. Every cell organ and tissue. Its important not to focus on symptoms to determine if you have subluxations or not because only 10% of your entire NS can perceive pain. If you are subluxated there is no way you can be functioning at your potential.


Getting checked is the only way to know if you are subluxated. 

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