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Purity Chiropractic Charity Golf Day

Dr. Andrew TimbsPurity Chiropractic – Peregian Beach

Purity Chiropractic at Peregian Beach is hosting their first annual Charity Golf Day. The event will be held at the Peregian Springs Golf Course on the 11th of May. The shotgun start will commence at 12 pm.

Dr. Andrew Timbs (DR. TEE) the chiropractor at Purity Chiropractic has been passionate about golf his whole life. DR TEE traveled to the United States on a golf scholarship while completing his pre-chiropractic studies. Dr. TEE is a Titleist Performance Institute medical and fitness professional in Australia.

“Golf is such an amazing game and Ambrose events are so much fun because regardless of how good you are you can participate and have a great day,” DR. TEE said.

Who are we raising money for

The event will be raising money for the St Andrew’s Anglican College Aquatic Centre Project. The new aquatic center will be an amazing facility not only for the school but the whole community. All members of our community, including parents and past students, will be able to use the pool when available.

Swimming is a great way to teach our kids motivation and how to strive for more.

As soon as the fundraising target is reached the final planning process will be put in place with the hope to be enjoying the facility in 2019.

“Golf can teach us so many great lessons in life. I would love to see golf integrated into school programs and to see more juniors out playing the game. Craig Goodall the professional at Peregian Springs Golf Club is incredible with the junior golfers and I want to help support his programs in any way I can.” said DR TEE.

“It was such a shame when the Peregian Springs Golf Club was closed down. The community was significantly affected by it. It is great to see it up and running again and better than ever. I really want to support them as much as I can” said DR TEE.

All are welcome to come along and play in the Purity Chiropractic Charity Golf Day. If you are looking for a fun day that will help the local community then register on this link.


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