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Not all coffee is created equal

Purity Coffee is striving to change the culture and understanding around coffee. Coffee has received a bad wrap over the years. Many people still feel guilty if they drink more than one cup a day. As indicated by statistics from the world’s leading health organisations, coffee can be incredibly good for you. Doctors generally recommend 3-5 cups per day. This is to derive the health benefits that come from coffee’s powerful antioxidants, such as CGA.

The mass-produced coffee on the market today is not the coffee nature intended. This coffee sometimes does more harm than good. Within their roasting process beneficial compounds are being roasted out as well as dangerous compounds are either added or created. These compounds include pesticides, mycotoxins, and ochratoxin A, to name a few. Plus, the “dark roasts” have literally burned away a lot of the antioxidants and created a carcinogenic compound in the process (called PAH).

It’s no wonder people can have adverse reactions from drinking coffee, among them: sour stomach, the jitters, and even anxiety. If you were experiencing any of those adverse side-effects, you surely wouldn’t want to drink the doctor recommended 3-5 cups. PURITY, on the other hand, contains up to 10x the amount of beneficial compounds as compared to other leading organic coffee brands. It also has none of the harmful toxins. A cup of Purity Coffee has more antioxidants and polyphenols than a whole gallon of blueberries!

Purity Chiropractic - Purity Coffee health benefits

What is the difference with Purity Coffee

Conventional Coffee: (n) mass production (low quality, high profit) comprising 97% of the world’s coffee. Many of the negative chemical compounds present in coffees are created as a byproduct of industrial farming. Handpicking perfectly ripe, organic beans from coffee plants that grow more slowly beneath the jungle canopy.

Purity Coffee: contains the highest antioxidant content out of 65 leading coffee brands….. sometimes 10x more. In addition, Purity coffee tested free of pesticides, mould, ochratoxins, aflatoxins, and yeast which a surprising amount of other coffees did not.

Dr. Andrew Timbs is responsible for bringing Palinoia Coffee to Australia. Check out our healthy coffee offerings. Please visit Palinoia Coffee for more information and details. 


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