Purity Chiropractic - breast milk

Breast Milk shows how amazing we are

The perfection of breast milk is a great indicator of the greatest doctor. The greatest doctor is inside the body. Constantly at work. This picture shows regular pumped breast milk on top and the bottom yellow-looking breast milk was pumped after the nursing baby had a fever. What does it look like? Colostrum. You know, the thick immune-filled concoction of perfect chemistry delivered in the first few days after birth intended to jump start a newborn’s immune system. The baby’s mother delivered meals full of that stuff when the baby was not feeling well. Does the mum have to think about or have any part in creating the response? Nope. It’s the perfect intelligence within. It’s called adaptation. Wow!!

Adaptation is the key to health and longevity!

And the greatest organ of adaptation is the brain. Coincidentally, the same brain that is influenced by a Chiropractic adjustment! The greatest doctor is within. When the greatest doctor is honoured you get the best results. Chiropractors honour the intelligence within and seek to remove interference!