Eat fat to lose fat? Well, why not? 

A diet that allows you to eat, provides you energy, stabilizes blood sugar, and sheds off weight. Who am I to resist? That is just what a keto diet is all about. 

If you are looking for a high-fat, low-carb diet; you have come to the right place. Welcome to ketogenic weight loss. Welcome to the world of the fast fat-blasting keto diet. 

So what makes a ketogenic diet different? A ketogenic diet is a diet that causes the release of ketones in the bloodstream. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body in the typical diet. But in its absence, stored fats in the body are broken down into molecules that are called ketone bodies. This process that the body undergoes is called ketosis. When the body reaches ketosis, the cells in the body will use ketone bodies for the generation of energy until carbohydrates are back in the system again. 

Weight loss on keto happens when the body starts to search for alternative sources of fuel, which in this case is fat. Fat is released, burned, and used as energy. Burning fat and weight loss is some of the many benefits of ketosis. Following a ketogenic diet allows a person to improve overall health. 

The ketogenic diet has gained a lot of following for many good reasons. Not only does it make a person feel great, people who are under the keto diet also feel more satiated throughout the day with increased levels of energy for mental and physical health. The keto diet curbs cravings for food, thus, lower calorie intake. It also helps you be more in control of your hunger while keeping you energized to do more physical activities. 

But a ketogenic diet is not an exact science. You have to work your way to weight loss. You have to be dedicated. You have to be diligent in tracking your eating habits to allow you to get a step closer to achieving your goals in weight loss.

There are various ways to approach the ketogenic diet. “Dirty keto” is a keto diet where it does not matter where you obtain your fats, carbohydrates, and protein supplies from. You can go on a meal that includes cheeseburger with extra bacon but without a bun. You can even eat food high in vegetable oils that are low in quality, packed low-carb snacks or cheese that is processed. This makes weight loss even more challenging, plus it dials up inflammation. 

Ketogenic weight loss is one of the highlights of a ketogenic diet. With the satiating effect of the high-fat content of this diet, there will be decreased food cravings. There will also be more fat loss because it is what the body uses to fuel itself. 

A ketogenic diet is something that you can opt for if you want to lose weight provided you follow the rules accordingly. It is a way of life that is aimed at producing health benefits that makes it a worthy lifelong commitment. It can be life changing, just like upper cervical chiropractic care.

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