A person’s quality of life can be diminished if he or she has epilepsy. Living life unknowing whenever a seizure will attack you will have you living your life with fear and uneasiness. Although there are medications that help with this case, it is still better to deal with it the natural way. Luckily, studies show that many seizures can be managed without the use of medicine and through upper cervical chiropractic.


Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder affecting people of all ages. The seizures can start at any age. Epilepsy is mostly diagnosed in early childhood, adolescence, and in people over the age of 65. Approximately 40% of the population with epilepsy are children, 30% are adults and 30% are elderly. Statistics say that 3% to 3.5% of Australians will experience epilepsy at some point in their lives. At present, over 250,000 Australians are living with epilepsy.

It is a scary and nerve-wracking moment seeing somebody experiencing a seizure. The spontaneous malfunctioning of the brain results to body convulsions, spasm of the muscles, and different forms of altered consciousness. Watching the body move uncontrollably can make anybody anxious and worried.

Upper cervical chiropractic with regular chiropractic adjustments may help in managing the seizures experienced by someone with epilepsy. Even the intensity and duration of the seizure may be decreased through upper cervical chiropractic care. What upper cervical chiropractors do is adjust the upper cervical area of the spine. Upper cervical chiropractic is all about balancing the brain function, which eventually helps in managing the occurrence of seizures.

Upper cervical chiropractic helps in relieving the nerve irritation that may be the cause of a communication problems between the nervous system and the body. The whole body is affected when nerve irritation is present, and it may be contributing to the occurrence of epilepsy and seizure.  

There is a chance to go about life without depending on medication to manage epilepsy and seizures. A study shows how upper cervical chiropractic manipulation helped manage the seizures a young woman. Using upper cervical chiropractic techniques it may provide therapeutic benefits to patients who are experiencing seizure disorders.

Upper cervical chiropractic deals with seizures by conducting upper cervical x-rays to reveal the upper neck misalignment. Gentle upper cervical adjustments are performed to fire off the nervous system allow the body to start healing itself.

It is imperative to know that chiropractic does not treat any condition. We do not adjust to treat epilepsy and seizures. We adjust to improved nervous system function and the body healing is what has the potential to help with conditions.

If you are or if you know someone who is suffering from seizures, please know that there is hope beyond medication. The body is and will always be the best doctor. Allow your body to heal naturally. Let Purity Chiropractic restore the optimal health of your body with upper cervical chiropractic.