Nerves are essential parts of the body as they extend from the brain to the spinal cord. They are responsible for the dissemination of messages and communication in the body. If something is wrong or if you experience a pinched nerve or a nerve compression, chances are your body will show warning and symptom such as pain. These warning signs occur for a reason. Never ignore it.

Having a pinched nerve does not mean your nerve is pinched. It is an irritated nerve that causes pain, tingling, weakness, numbness and other symptoms that can be experienced in the area of the affected nerve. The damages that are caused by a pinched nerve can be minor or severe. It can be a reason health problems that are temporary or long-lasting. It is essential to get the diagnosis and treatment as early as possible in order to find relief.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Pinched Nerves

People who suffer from pinched nerves are usually offered with medication to take the pain away. If the case is severe, doctors may even recommend surgery to move whatever is causing irritation to the nerve. Medication can be potentially addictive and can somehow cause side effects. Surgery, on the other hand, being an invasive solution may lead to other health problems. For these reasons, some people are looking for natural ways to relieve the symptoms of pinched nerves.

The pain and sting caused by pinched nerve can be ruthless. It is hard to pinpoint the very cause of this because the pressure may be a result of the repetition of movements. It can happen when you wake up in the morning, holding your body in one position for a long time, after you work out or just after simply picking up something on the floor. The causes can all be different.

Compression or pressure on the nerve causes a pinched nerve to occur. Nerves are very vulnerable. Take the case of the C1 vertebra or Atlas being misaligned. When this happens, the entire spine will be affected because of the righting reflex. An upper cervical subluxation such as this can cause pinched nerve symptoms. Pressure on the sciatic nerve caused by the shifting in the bone and soft tissues will result in the sciatica symptoms.

Many nerves are affected when the bone and soft tissues shift because of an atlas misalignment. You can also expect nerves in the face, arms, shoulders, and the vestibular nerve for body balance and coordination to be affected with the misalignment.

Upper cervical chiropractic is gentle for pinched nerves. It is specific and focused on the upper cervical spine, and it can pinpoint the exact locations and subluxation degrees for a more precise and accurate adjustment. By doing so, your body will start healing itself and the bones and tissues will naturally restored in their normal position. With the appropriate alignment of the atlas, you can get relief from the pinched nerves that caused pain, tingling, numbness, and many other symptoms.

It is important to note that different reasons can cause pinched neck and subluxation. Even the symptoms that it shows can be unique for every individual. But one thing is clear; when you look at the nerves coming from the neck, they are all connected to the two neck bones that affect the brain stem. Whatever remedy you do – use needles, rub the area, freeze or heat the muscles; the pinched nerve is still there. Do not let such an issue be left unattended. If not treated and checked immediately, you are in for pain of higher intensity.

Upper cervical chiropractic makes sure that your atlas stays in position. No one clear cause or factor leads to a pinched nerve, as always prevention is better than cure. Get your upper cervical checked to ensure that your body stays at its optimal level and function.

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