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Giving is one of the most powerful lessons you can teach

Giving is such an important and fundamental value to teach your kids. We have all heard the saying you have to give to receive. I have found in my life that this statement is so true. You have to remember though there are many forms of giving. You can give your money, time, resources,  etc.

One of the other great lessons that I remember is you have to be a great receiver of gifts if you are to be a great giver. If you get so much pleasure in giving gifts to people than you should not insult people for giving you gifts. I know many people personally like this. They are such lovely people and love giving gifts but when anyone gets them something they always say ‘you shouldn’t have’ and implies that they are naughty for doing that. If you love giving NEVER deny anyone else the joy of giving as well. You need to receive gifts just as well as you give.

I had so much fun with the boys donating 40 towels to the RSPCA shelter. It was so amazing to see the joy of there faces. They had just as much excitement as they do when they get presents.