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The Power of Breathing

Breathing is essential to life. You cannot live without it and most take it for granted. Just like most other function of our body, it happens subconsciously most of the time. Breathing is one of the body function that we can choose to control consciously. 

The power of breathing has been known and studies for centuries. It is not a new phenomenon the extraordinary power breathing can have, it is just a forgotten one. I think we have a need now for everything in our lives to be complicated and breathing just sounds too easy.

The Science

There are multitudes of studies on the benefits of breathing. One of the unknown aspects of breathing is that it is a major controller of lymph flow in your body along with the muscles. Unlike arteries, lymph does not have muscles in the walls of the vessels to push the fluid around the body. It relies on breathing and muscle activity when the body moves. Your lymph is your body waste bump, it gets rid of the toxins and waste in your body. It is very important and if the system stopped for just 1 day you would be dead.

Dr. Jack Sheilds, Lymphologist, did a study where he put cameras inside peoples bodies to see what simulated the cleansing of the lymph system. He found that a deep diaphragmatic breath is the most effective way to do it.


Oxygen is essential for life. Making sure we have an adequate supply is crucial for health and healing. Proper breathing is the best way to make sure our blood is being properly oxygenated. 

There are studies showing they can turn normal cells into malignant cells just by lowering the amount of oxygen to them. So making sure you are properly oxygenated has to be a priority.

How to Breath

There are many techniques around breathing. I want to share a very simple and powerful technique to enhance your body and energy.

  1. Breath in deeply for 1 count (7 seconds)
  2. Hold for 4 counts (28 seconds)
  3. Breath out for 2 counts (14 seconds)

Do this 10 times, 3 times a day and you cannot imagine the energy you will have. If those counts are too hard for you to begin with cut down the amount of second and work your way up to it.

Have fun with this and make it a habit.