Press commentary has been aggressively attacking chiropractic care in the past few years, particularly paediatric chiropractic. Mainstream media has conducted non-stop reporting on the supposed negative side effects of getting infants and children adjusted by a chiropractor. Every now and then, interviews with doctors that speak out against chiropractors adjusting children are aired. But is there really any truth to this?

What Does the Science Say?

Chiropractic Care For Infants And Children – A Selective Review of the Literature and Commentary compiled by Matthew F. Doyle MSc AP Paediatric Chiropractic, BAppSc/BChiroSc, BSc (Neurobiology) and published on the Chiropractic Journal of Australia 2016 has already comprehensively tackled the issue regarding the safety of chiropractic care of infants and children.


The selective review was conducted to ascertain the accuracy of two particular claims about paediatric chiropractic that have become widespread in Australian mainstream media for the past few years:

    1. There is no evidence that getting adjusted is good for the health
    2. It is dangerous for infants and children to receive chiropractic care

Different aspects of medical care were reviewed to compare the risks associated with conventional medical care such as prescription drugs and hospitalization with the risks associated with the chiropractic care of infants and children.


The study carefully analysed information from both PubMed (the national library of medicine) and the Central Queensland University (CQU) Library database. The search term “paediatric and chiropractic” was used which returned 126 hits for PubMed and 939 hits for the CQU Library. Each hit was painstakingly studied to make sure that no piece of literature was overlooked.

There is absolutely no evidence that chiropractic care is dangerous for infants and children


There is absolutely no evidence that chiropractic care is dangerous for infants and children. 1,065 literary works have been examined and yet not a single one of them mentioned anything about severe negative side effects or death. That’s correct. There has been no documented case of someone getting significantly harmed or even killed during or immediately after a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors are university educated and undergo 5 years of rigorous training before they earn their right to practice.

The best advice is to do your due diligence and speak with the chiropractor to make sure they see kids and how they adjust. This way you can be confident in the technique that is being used.

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