What is inflammation?

We often hear this word but the majority of us are not familiar with what it means. Inflammation is the body’s immune system’s way to respond to an irritant. Many immune system cells are involved when inflammation occurs in the body. 

Chronic and systemic inflammation is the reason for many chronic health problems. Balance is necessary to achieve a healthy inflammatory response. Many people are now turning to a ketogenic diet for the anti-inflammatory benefits it offers. 

Following a ketogenic diet allows the body to enter a natural state of ketosis where it uses fat as its main fuel source. Sugar is inflammatory. When there is too much sugar in our system, the body is bound to experience the following:

  • Production of insulin in high amounts
  • Increase in inflammation markers
  • Creation of free radicals (molecules that cause blood vessels to inflame and stimulates the immune response of the body)
  • Causes chronic diseases to trigger

The normal function of the body relies upon the quality of the nervous system that a person has. It sounds simple, but it is not as easy to keep the system of nerves uninterrupted. A subluxation occurs when there is a vertebral dysfunction. The subluxation causes irritation on the nerves exiting the spine. When this happens, the communication and the passing of information in the body gets jeopardized.

The ketogenic diet includes eating foods that are very low in carbohydrates and sugar. With less sugar intake, you stop the insulin surges. You also reduce the creation of inflammation in the body. 

Ketogenic diet impacts chronic inflammation. When fat is burned instead of sugar, ketosis is achieved. Ketones in the body fight inflammation. Ketosis triggers a complex biological process that fights the inflammation directly. It reduces and calms chronic inflammation. Without chronic inflammation, we can stay free from health concerns. 

Ketosis cannot be achieved without motivation and commitment. It takes knowledge and patience to enter ketosis. It is vital to stay healthy. You can eat less than 100 grams of carbohydrates in a day. This can help get your body into an anti-inflammatory level. 

Inflammation is a threat to achieving a healthy body. You have the power to help your body calm and manage inflammation. What you choose to eat and how you live your life has effects in the balance of your immune system. Anyone can adopt a ketogenic diet at any time. Ketosis is a powerful state to be in. you can rid inflammation out of your system at any time. The choice is always yours. 

Take charge of your life and be responsible for the food that you eat. If you want to see results and reap the benefits of ketosis as an anti-inflammatory, choose what you eat. Be proactive about your health. Prevention is always better than cure.

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