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The subluxation is like any other chronic health problem. Cirrhosis of the liver doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does diabetes. Cancer takes seven or eight years before it grows from a single cell to a tumor the size of a pencil tip. (McDougall) Statistics say you have about a 50/50 chance of dying from heart disease. That takes years to develop. How about chronic fatigue? Low immune function – auto-immune diseases, on and on

What’s the master system controlling all other systems? The nervous system. So what regulates all the above? The nervous system. What can cause all of the above? subluxations distorting the information to and from the brain. Garbage in, garbage out. Subluxation.

Environmental stressors are detected by your nervous system and may speed up the heart – fight-or-flight. The brain may want to say to the heart – Yeah I know but really everything’s OK. So slow down, chill a little. And the brain does send the instructions to the heart to calm down.

What if the phone line that was supposed to send the information from the brain is not working properly? So the environmental stressor is gone but the brain can’t tell the heart to calm down due to the subluxation affecting the nerve impulses consequently, the heart is saying that the stress is still there. See where this is going? And this is only one small example of miscued mental impulses that result from partially blocked lines of nerve communication.

It is exciting to watch the best neuroscience corroborating these basic models and ideas.  It is amazing to think that the founders of chiropractic the Palmers were talking about this over a century ago.