There is no better doctor than the body itself. Examine your body closely. When you cut yourself, you will see that the blood will clot on its own. This is the start of the healing process, and you did not even do anything to begin it. The healing process happens naturally on its own. You may clean the area and put the bandage to keep it sanitized, but it only aids your body’s ability to heal. That is how amazing the body is.

When we feel symptoms in our body, it is its way of telling us that something is wrong. Only your body can tell you what is wrong, so you have to listen. Listen to what your body is telling you because it will help in the improvement of your health.

The brain is vital because it is responsible for controlling the healing process of the body. It is the one that is communicating with all the cells in the whole body through the brain stem, spinal cord, and nerves. There should be no interference in the signals to and from any cell in the body to make sure that all bodily functions stay normal and work properly

Upper cervical chiropractic is focused on the health of your nervous system. Especially your brainstem as it controls your whole nervous system. It does this via the spine as this is the part of the body that affects the nervous system. There are various ways used in addressing a spinal misalignment also known as vertebral subluxation. When a vertebral subluxation happens, joints become fixed. This may be painful and it may not. We only feel 10% of our nervous system which is why it is not a good thing to rely on pain and symptom to determine if you are healthy or not.

Upper cervical is the top of the neck. With upper cervical chiropractic, the specialization lies in the caring for that specific area of the spine that is found at the top of the neck. An upper cervical chiropractor uses gentle touches to make sure that there is no interference in that part of the body. If there is, an upper cervical chiropractor can locate and remove that interference to ensure the maintenance of clear communication in the body. With the removal of the interference, the body than has the ability to heal itself to enable all the bodily functions at an optimum level.

upper cervical spine

The upper cervical spine is a delicate and easily injured part of the body. It is very vital, yet it is a part that is not adequately protected.  This is why it is essential to have an upper cervical chiropractor, evaluate, and adjust this sensitive part of the spine. Upper cervical chiropractic care is different and special compared to other alternatives because it is very gentle and there is no clicking, cracking or popping of the neck when adjusting it.

It is important to maintain a properly positioned and unblocked upper cervical in order to preserve the body’s control and balance. When an upper neck misalignment occurs, tension in the body will build up, and overall communication and body function will be compromised. Upper cervical chiropractic care goal is to locate and then remove the interference in the upper cervical. When your upper cervical is restored, it will aid in helping you live a healthy and longer life.

There are several medications and surgeries available that offers relief and cure to pains and other health conditions. Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural alternative that helps the body heal without the need for any surgeries or medications. The body is still the best healer. Every case is unique, and everybody has a different time frame of healing.

Always, it is best to listen to what your body is telling you. No one knows your body better than you do. So don’t wait for symptoms to cripple you down slowly. Act now and find the nearest upper cervical chiropractor to care for you. Purity Chiropractic has expert upper cervical chiropractic specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that you restore your body’s wellness. Let your body heal itself and learn how by visiting Purity Chiropractic.