Purity Chiropractic

I am Dr Andrew Timbs, chiropractor, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf assessment expert and owner of Purity Chiropractic.

We have such an amazing community. Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast, is one of the greatest places on earth to be 

I am an expert in upper cervical chiropractic care which is an amazingly powerful technique. Upper cervical is a very gentle technique suitable for every age. We utilise state of the art nerve scanning equipment to know where and how severely your nervous system is effected. Chiropractic is about making sure your nervous system is functioning at its best enabling your body to heal itself. You are your greatest doctor, you just need to eliminate interference.

I am the highest certified Titleist Performance Institute medical and fitness professional in Australasia. Golf has always beed a large part of my life. I’m extremely passionate about golf and I’m looking forward to working with our local golf courses, Peregian Springs Golf, with Pro Craig Goodall & Noosa Springs Golf Club with pro Heiniger Golf (Peter Heiniger).

Having the ability to play College golf in the United States was a dream come true. I completing my pre-chiropractic studies in the United States. It is very unique to have an understanding of golf from a player and medical perspective. It’s the lack of function of the areas of the body that lead to our swing faults and injuries. With a TPI assessment we drive into every area of the body. We find what is working and what is not and show you how to correct it.