Purity Chiropractic - Fernvale - location

Purity Chiropractic, Fernvale


Purity Chiropractic is very excited to announce that it has opened a new location in Fernvale, Queensland.

Dr. Andrew Timbs says Fernvale, Queensland is a fast growing area and it is very underserviced with health care. Chiropractic is a much-needed service for this growing community. It is not only Fernvale but also the surrounding towns of Lowood, Esk, Toogoolawa and more that are going to benefit from having chiropractic services in Fernvale.

Purity Chiropractic is currently working out of the Fernvale Futures Centre at 1485 Brisbane Valley Hwy. They will be moving into the Fernvale Village over the coming weeks.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Andrew Timbs and make a booking please visit the Purity Chiropractic website 🙂

Dr Andrew Timbs - Purity Chiropractic