Nerve scans – The Technology we Use

A nerve scans is one of the most powerful test you can have. At Purity Chiropractic nerve scans are a very important part of our care. The nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body. We only feel 10% of the nervous system. So I cannot ask you how you feel to determine how well your nervous system is working. This is why we use nerve scans. This tells us unequivocally how well your nervous system is working and how it is changing.  The Tytron nerve scanner is state of the art technology that determines if you have nerve interference, where it is and how severe. This information is critical in knowing if you need an adjustment or not. It also allows us to monitor your progress over time.

                                              Nerve Scanner

Purity Chiropractic - Peregian Beach - Nerve Scans

The scanner we use is a Tytron. It uses infra red technology to determine minute temperate changes from either side of your spine. If you have no interference, the temperature on both sides of your spine should be the same.

When we first scan you we acquire several scans over a period of time to  determine what your ‘Pattern’ is. When you are in pattern the body no longer has the ability to adapt to its environment. Each visit we scan you to determine if you are stuck in your interference pattern or if you are healing and adapting. If you are stuck, we will need to adjust you, if you are healing and adapting it is better we keep our hands off and let the body do what it does best.

If you have never had you nervous system scans book an appointment today.