Chiropractic is a natural approach to a person’s health and well-being by naturally healing the body without the use of drugs and not resorting to surgery. When a person’s spine is misaligned, the regular transmission of nerve impulses is altered, thus, reducing the ability of the body to work effectively.

Facts About Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Chiropractic allows the body to heal on its own. The adjustment targets the body and nervous system and not the condition. Upper cervical chiropractic is not similar to traditional chiropractic. Upper cervical chiropractic is an alternative method of care that a lot of people seek to relieve them from pain and to live a well and healthy life using the natural way.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a subset of the chiropractic profession. It is focused on the most critical part of the nervous system, which is the upper neck. An upper cervical doctor of chiropractic is someone who has expertise in upper cervical chiropractic care and has had extra training to handle the craniocervical junction. A person is capable of turning the head in different directions because of the shape of this unique set of bones in the spine area.

Upper cervical chiropractic was a technique that was developed in the 1930s by B. J. Palmer. Based on this technique, the upper cervical vertebrae are the only part that can suffer subluxation. This technique also stresses the atlanto-occipital joint as a potential instability source. Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the first two bones of the neck. They can detect and help fix misalignments through gentle adjustments.

Upper cervical adjustment and correction use precise and skilful touch. You will not experience any forceful pulling or twisting of the neck. The head, spine, and neck will go back to their normal positions with gentle strokes.

The upper region of the spine is the most vulnerable because it is the area with the most nerves in the body. Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the first cervical vertebrae (C1 or Atlas) and the second vertebra (C2 or Axis). These two vertebrae serve a special function like rotation. It is vital to keep the Atlas and the Axis in its normal position so as not to compromise the overall state of the nervous system. Many secondary problems of the spine can be fixed by sorting out the problems in the upper neck. This is a very sensitive part because the slightest nerve disturbance can highly affect the whole body.

The Atlas and the Axis are the spinal columns most freely movable vertebrae, and they are ones usually misaligned. Upper cervical chiropractic provides special attention to these first two vertebrae. With the majority of the neck movement occurring in the level of the Atlas and the Axis, it is essential to care for it and not expose it to different types of trauma. You will not find a lot of supporting ligaments in this area unlike other parts of the spine. The upper cervical region is the weakest link that suffers subluxation. This happens when a vertebra misaligned, which causes interference with nerve tissues, thus reducing mental impulses.

The body will break down and become vulnerable to various illnesses once subluxation occurs. The tricky part about it is that it may be present for a long time before it shows signs and symptoms. The upper cervical chiropractic technique is done by first taking the person’s health history. Some of the exams that may be included to analyse your case are:

  • Postural analysis
  • Thermal readings
  • Neurological and strength testing
  • Leg checks and measurements
  • X-rays
  • CBCY
  • MRI

Upon analysing the exam findings applicable to your case the upper cervical; chiropractor will check your upper cervical health to determine the necessary adjustments needed to promote your body’s self-healing ability. Every situation is different. The upper cervical chiropractic techniques that will be used are as unique as the bones that they adjust.

Upper cervical chiropractic solutions are unlike any other. No cracking, popping, and rapid twisting is involved when adjusting your upper cervical. Chiropractic care gives no definite time of healing as it relies on the body’s natural time and ability to heal. Upper cervical care is done to restore the balance of the body and reactivate the ability of the body to heal itself naturally. If you have questions or would like to learn more about upper cervical chiropractic care and chiropractic excellence, please visit Purity Chiropractic. Discover chiropractic to help in the improvement of your health and to avoid medications or surgery.