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Pain is just the tip of the iceberg

Pain runs so many peoples lives and we do just about anything to avoid it. The problem really is that when we don’t have pain we tend to do very little for our health. As a society, there is a common theme that:

If I look good and feel good I don’t have any problems going on

This belief could not be further from the truth. If you look at the image above demonstrating a nerve and what it innovates you will see very little goes to pain.

Only 10% of our entire nervous system goes to pain.

Think about chronic diseases. Take some of the leading killers in the world, heart disease, and cancer. These are disease processes that are going on in your body for 1, 5, 10 or 20 years before you ever get a symptom from them. We all know people that we perceived to be fit and healthy that get told they have cancer. They were not healthy one day and then sick the next. This process takes a long time.

It is time to start being proactive about our health. There is more to health than just eating well and exercising. We all intuitively know that our nervous system runs our entire body. You literally cannot have a thought without your nervous system controlling it.

This is exactly why chiropractic is focused 100% on the nervous system. The only reason we work with the spine is that it is the part of your body that effects how your nervous system works. This is why at Purity Chiropractic we use state of the art nerve scans on every visit so we can see unequivocally how the nervous system is working and how someone has changed from the last visit.

We cannot rely on how you feel to whether or not someone needs an adjustment.

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