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What is this Innate Intelligence?

Chiropractic is not a version of medicine. Chiropractic is not a branch or specialty within medicine. It’s way beyond that. Chiropractic is a completely separate worldview and philosophy, based on three principles

the body is a self-healing organism
there’s a universal intelligence in the body that directs its survival
the nervous system allows that intelligence to communicate with itself


You fall off your rollerblades and break your arm. What drugs does the body need to mend the fracture? None. The body heals itself and the mend will be stronger than the original bone. You catch the flu. What drugs does the body need to overcome the virus? None. Antibiotics only work on bacteria. The body mobilizes its own immune system and neutralizes the flu. You cut your finger with a knife. Does all the blood just drain out? What drugs does the body need to make the blood clot and stop flowing out? None. The body contains all the repair materials to heal that cut.

Examples are many, but it’s always the same idea: 99% of the time, the only way the body recovers
from any illness is by itself, using its own healing methods.

I hear all the science wizards out there saying – but what about …? And then they say some infectious disease, like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

It’s true that some powerful drugs were invented in the 1940s which could temporarily block certain diseases. But there was always a downside, as there must be anytime you transgress the boundaries of nature. And that is why most experts predict that the biggest medical problem in this century will be antibiotic resistance.

But in the vast number of instances, the body can usually heal itself if given the opportunity the respond on its own.


What’s missing from a corpse? Break a corpse’s arm. Why won’t that bone mend? Sit a corpse in a chair on the railroad tracks. Send a train. Why won’t the corpse get up and step to one side? Put an egg and a sperm cell together. How do they know to divide, then divide again and again, until a fetus is formed? What force directs them? The answer to all these is innate intelligence – no need to get religious about it – let’s just call it innate intelligence.

Other examples:

– salmon know to swim upstream to spawn, and find the same stream they were born in

– old couples who die of separate causes within a short time

– horses who can sense your intentions on the approach

– soulmates might find each other in a big world

– natural immunity after getting a disease

– wound healing

– bacteria mutate to survive antibiotics

– human sperm count decreasing because of environmental pollution with xeno-estrogens – Are we being selected out for screwing things up?

So what does chiropractic have to do with innate intelligence? Everything. Chiropractic is the only health philosophy in the world whose healing acts have a single focus: to enhance the perfusion of universal intelligence within the body – the nervous system.

It’s the intent that gives chiropractic its sublime elegance. A gorilla can crack your bones. Why wasn’t that chiropractic? Intent. The gorilla intended nothing besides cracking bones. Chiropractic intends to facilitate the expression of innate intelligence throughout the body. How? By programming the hard disk, and by un-crimping the cables: offering uninterrupted data to the brain, and by eliminating unwanted stimulation of nerve lines, using exact adjustment of specific vertebrae. Intent.