Playing golf may not be as rigorous as other sports, but it takes a toll on the body over time. There is no reason for you not to enjoy the game or miss out on the golf season. You can stay on the top of your game with the use of holistic approach and innovative technologies.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is a world leader in research and data on golf fitness, health, and swing biomechanics. They offer the most-advanced program in the world. TPI uses only advanced fitting methods, swing analysis in detail, and player conditioning that are science-based.

Importance of Having a TPI Professional in Playing Golf 2 (2)

There are infinite numbers of swing styles to swing a club, as believed by TPI. Everybody is unique; therefore, the most efficient swing is different for each golfer. You can only achieve your most efficient swing when you get screening and assessment of the following:

  • Swing mechanics and biomechanics
  • Physical fitness
  • Quality of movement
  • Current health state
  • Medical history

After the assessment, you can expect adjustments that will help you play your best game yet. You will get personal recommendations for a more powered, accurate and improved swing as well as prevention from future injuries. It is essential to get the aid of TPI Medical/Fitness Professionals in order to help you be more efficient in your game.

Getting TPI-certified professionals will help in providing golf-specific care that will prepare your body in physical engagement and activity. Golf may seem like a benign sport but swinging the golf club has been found to be compared to the use of energy as in weight lifting a weight that can only be done 4 times. Back-related injuries come to 50% of golfers. Assistance from a TPI Medical/Fitness Professional will guide you through enhanced quality of play and remain free from injury.

Make sure that you win with power and not with pain on your next golf game. Get a TPI Medical/Fitness Professional to help you relieve the stress in your back, shoulders, and elbows. Allow the deep understanding of TPI Medical/Fitness Professional combine with your Golf Professional show you the best biomechanics and faults on the details of your golf swing. Get an effortless swing and efficient movement for certified consistency and longevity.

Don’t get stuck, don’t limit your performance – get a TPI Medical/Fitness Professional to help you identify your physical limitations and erroneous movements that restrict your performance. To achieve your best swing ever, visit Dr. Andrew Timbs (Dr. TEE) is a chiropractic practitioner with TPI training who will assess you from a golf perspective and will create a fitness program that will elevate your golf game.