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Why you have the health philosophy you do

A New Understanding of Science

By Bruce Lipton

When I was outside the university I had a chance to read into physics. Again I found information that did not conform to the science I had been teaching. In the world of new physics, quantum physics, the mechanisms that are described completely collide with the mechanisms we were teaching. They were based on the old Newtonian physics. The new physics currently is still not introduced in medical schools. Before conventional science, science was the province of the church. It was called natural theology and was infused with the spiritual domain. Teaching that God’s hand was directly involved in the unfoldment and maintenance of the world. That God’s image was expressed through the nature we live in. Natural theology had a mission statement: to understand the nature of the environment so we could learn to live in harmony with it. Basically, this meant learning how to live in harmony with God, considering that nature and God were so well connected.

Challenge to the Church

However, through the abuses of the church, their insistence on absolute knowledge and their efforts of suppressing new knowledge, there was what is called the Reformation. The Reformation, precipitated by Martin Luther, was a challenge to the church’s authority. After the Reformation, when there was an opportunity to question beliefs about the universe, science became what was called modern science.

Isaac Newton, the physicist whose primary studies were on the nature of gravity and the movement of the planets, provided the foundation for modern science. He invented a new mathematics called differential calculus in order to create an equation to predict the movements of the solar system. Science identified truths as things that were predictable. Newtonian physics perceives the universe as a machine made out of matter. It says that if you can understand the nature of the matter that comprises the machine, then you will understand nature itself. Therefore the mission of science was to control and dominate nature, which was completely different than the former mission of science under natural theology, which was to live in harmony with nature.

Wanting Control

The issue of control in regard to biology becomes a very important point. What is it that controls the traits that we express? According to Newtonian physics life forms represent machines made out of matter and if you want to understand those machines you take them apart, a process called reductionism. You study the individual pieces and see how they work.  When you put all the pieces together again, you have an understanding of the whole.

Charles Darwin said that the traits an individual expresses are connected to the parents. The sperm and egg that come together and result in the formation of a new individual. They must have something that controls the traits in the offspring. Studies of dividing cells began in the early 1900s and they saw string-like structures that were present in cells that were beginning to divide. These string-like structures were called chromosomes.

Is it really Genetics?

Interestingly enough, while chromosomes were identified around 1900, it was only in 1944 that we actually identified which of their components carried the genetic traits. The world got very excited. They said, oh, my goodness, after all these years we finally have gotten down to identifying the genetically controlling material; it appears to be the DNA. In 1953 the work of James Watson and Francis Crick revealed that each strand of DNA contained a sequence of genes. The genes are the blueprints for each of the over 100,000 different kinds of proteins that are the building blocks for making a human body. A headline announcing Watson and Crick’s discovery appeared in a New York paper: “Secret of Life Discovered” and from that point on biology has been wrapped up in the genes. Scientists say that by understanding the genetic code we could change the characters of organisms. Therefore there was a big, headlong rush into the human genome project to try to understand the nature of the genes.

At first, they thought these genes only controlled the physical form. The more they started to manipulate genes, they saw that there were also influences on behavior and emotion. Suddenly, the genes took on more profound meaning because all the characters and traits of a human were apparently controlled by these genes.

Is Your Health Philosophy really Your Health Philosophy?

Our thoughts, beliefs, and values have all been created from our environment. Why do you think adverting companies exist? Your health philosophy has come from all the advertising and information you have been exposed to over your whole life. Few of us stop to think about why we have a particular belief we do. Where did that originate from? 

As you can see from the above article the Nutonian way of thinking has been indoctrinated into our culture for a very long time. That thinking is the backbone of one of the most powerful industries on the face of the planet. They are resistant to change and they do not want to change as it will affect their bottom line. The health industry is a money, ‘for profit’ industry. 

Why do you think they attack chiropractic so much? It’s because we are the main alternative health profession that is trying to educate everyone there is a different way of thinking. To take control of your own life and health. Understand the power you have within you and don’t transfer that power to an outside source. Healing has never come from the outside and it never will. Healing always happens from above, down, inside, out. 

This goes against their thinking and they will do anything to stop us educating the world. I encourage you to think about; what is your health philosophy? what do you believe about health? Once you have that try to think about where those thoughts originated from and if they need to be changed or not.

Empower yourself to take charge of your health and put it in your hands.