Don’t let your body stop you from enjoying the things that you love to do. Play the game and stay injury-free. You can have fun playing golf, and you can delight in the game for the longest time with the help of holistic and natural approach combined with the latest technology. Achieve better fitness and health to improve your swing.

Stay injury free


Be as consistent as the pro golf players, keep your swing efficient, and have your body at the same state every time with the help of a chiropractic TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Medical/Fitness Professional. The nervous system is responsible for the control of every function in the body. Do not allow slight joint restrictions to mess up your normal nervous system function. Restore the motion of restricted joints for greater range of motion through chiropractic and see the difference it can do to your golf swing.

With the chiropractic expertise combined with TPI training, you will get a comprehensive assessment and revelation of all the things that you want to know about your swing, body, faults, and much more. Get the expertise from cutting edge research of a TPI certified professional and capitalize on the data of golf fitness, health, and swing biometrics specifically designed for golfers. Here are some of the things that you can expect from a golf assessment:

  • TPI functional movement medical assessment that is golf-specific
  • 6D swing analysis
  • Knowledge and understanding of your kinetic sequence
  • Knowledge and understanding of your x-factor and x-factor stretch
  • Assessment of vision
  • Power assessment that is golf-specific
  • Strength assessment that is golf-specific
  • Get a detailed report
  • Get a unique and your own golf-specific personalized program that includes fitness, power and strength exercises and more for the correction of the limitations found in your analysis
  • Get a web link (with videos that demonstrates the exercises and drills) of your own that will feature your entire program
  • Creation of an exercise schedule available on your personal web link to allow you to keep track of your sessions of workouts and drills
  • Correction of issues found in your assessment through a specialized treatment
  • Creation of a report for your coach (if you are receiving lessons from a professional) to help in enhancing your results. They can also add drills that can be added to your program
  • Get direct access to me via emails to answers any questions that you might have

There are only two 6D swing analysis available in Australia. Take advantage of your opportunity and have access to this advanced program that can be otherwise only be available to top tour professionals. Get this assessment minus the travel to the USA and costly thousands of dollars in spending with Dr. Andrew Timbs (Dr. TEE) of Purity Chiropractic. Allow Dr. Tee to help you find the physical limitations that cause your swing faults. Let Dr. Tee work with your professional coach to enhance your swing and keep you playing and enjoying the golf game that you love.