Chiropractic has long been ridiculed by the field of medicine. It took decades and thousands of favourable studies before the practice was finally granted recognition as a legitimate form of alternative treatment. But still today many refuse to accept the facts. Some just outright refuse to look at any evidence that supports the benefits of chiropractic care.

What more does chiropractic need to prove

What more does chiropractic need to prove?

Numerous international organizations recognize that chiropractic care has authentic benefits and yet, so many continue to try and put the practice down. Many conventional physicians refuse to recommend chiropractic care even when they know it is the best solution.

Paediatric Chiropractic is under attack in Australia

Chiropractic for children has always been the most controversial segment of chiropractic care. But in recent months, opponents of the practice have been on overdrive. Traditional doctors, conventional paediatricians, advocacy groups, and other bodies are on the attack and want Australians to stop letting their children receive chiropractic care citing that getting adjusted is too dangerous for the sensitive, developing bodies of young children. But do their claims even have any basis?

If you see an interview or read an article that denounces paediatric chiropractic, you’ll notice that any credible research is never cited. Why is that? Simple, research shows the opposite of what they are saying. Take a look at this 2008 Cross-Sectional Survey of 956 European Chiropractors. The survey covered more than 242,000 patients and only 534 of them reported mild negative side effects (NSEs) while only 23 reported moderate NSEs. And none reported any severe NSEs. That means just 0.23% of children were found to have adverse reactions to chiropractic care. This rate is significantly lower compared to children who have reported to exhibit adverse reactions to prescription drugs or surgeries.

The fear of Paediatric Chiropractic is based on a misunderstanding

The primary argument being circulated by mass media and other opponents of chiropractic for children is that children’s bodies are not developed or strong enough to withstand a chiropractic adjustment. This is completely baseless because chiropractors adjust the intensity and strength of the adjustment depending on the individual.

A study by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation has determined that 93.9% of chiropractors use a weaker force on children while 71.7% use a slower speed. In other words, most chiropractors perform gentler adjustments on children compared to adults. This is the reason that even though paediatric chiropractic has been put into the hot seat of public and professional opinion, critics can’t cite a single example of a child dying or suffering from severe negative side effects after seeing a chiropractor.

With all the evidence you can feel comfortable in letting a chiropractor adjust your child. So do your due diligence when selecting a chiropractor. Speak with the chiropractor first and ask if they see kids and how they adjust them. There are many ways to make adjustments, so make sure you are comfortable with the technique the chiropractor is using. If you would like help with this please do not hesitate to contact us and will will do everything in our power to help direct you to the best chiropractor for you.

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