There is an excellent connection between your golf swing and your health and fitness. The degrees of rotation that your body can make has a great effect on your golf swing. For this reason, you have to keep your body in tip-top shape to enjoy your favorite sport for the longest time and minus injuries.

Golf is a game

Golf is a game that can have vigorous activities. Swinging your golf club actually uses your energy like if you are weight lifting a weight that you can only do four times. Half of all golfers (50%) eventually end up with back-related injuries. Don’t be a victim as well. You can get chiropractic care with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) training from Dr. Andrew Timbs (Dr. TEE) of Purity Chiropractic to help you enhance your quality of play and help you remain free from injuries.

Dr. TEE is a golf player himself, and he can provide chiropractic care with a golf perspective to help with your issues and problems. Working with someone who knows golf at a personal level, has chiropractic expertise and is TPI certified. This gives Dr. TEE a unique insight and is able to help on so many levels levels. It is essential to find a practitioner who has a deep understanding of swing biometrics and faults and create fitness programs that can improve your golf game and more.

Golf is a game that is mostly composed of men between the ages of 18 and 59. Seniors even outnumber the younger players. Regardless of what your age, gender or status is, there should be no restrictions and limitations for you to enjoy the sport. It is vital to keep your nervous system functioning properly to maintain the normal operations of the body. Let a chiropractic and TPI Medical/Fitness Professional help you in the following aspects:

  • Improve the function of your body and consistently maintain it
  • Prevent the occurrence of injuries
  • Help you play golf even longer
  • Identify injuries and common problems that are seemingly golf-related
  • Distinguish the body areas that affect your swing and why they contribute in your swing faults
  • Increase your golf performance
  • Get the best results by working closely with a Pro
  • Design a fitness program that is personal and golf-specific
  • Achieve even more enjoyment with the magnificent game of golf

These are some of the things that you can expect from a chiropractic and TPI Medical/Fitness Professional. Two of the most important aspects that should be given close attention to is the benefit of longevity and prevention of injuries in playing golf. A chiropractic expert can address these two. You can prevent injuries from happening by restoring and maintaining the motion to restricted joints to allow greater movement and proper function of the central nervous system. The best way to keep the body working normally and at its optimum level is by not allowing any restrictions in your joints.

Allow chiropractic adjustments to revive your body’s healing abilities to allow you to play longer. When your body is at its peak level, all body functions will work at their best through the control of the nervous system, like managing your balance and keeping injuries at bay. You can visit for more information on how chiropractic care and a TPI Medical/Fitness Professional can help you achieve your golf goals in life.